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Object Type
Area m2
Apartment 116 m2
Frosina Plaku Street
For Sale 96300 Euro
Apartment 122 m2
Gjergj Fishta Boulevard
For Sale 122000 Euro
Apartment 67 m2
Apartment located on the eastern side of Tirana
For Sale 39000 Euro
Industrial Land 4300 m2
The land is located wayside Tirana-Vore Highway, near QTU.
For Sale 560000 Euro
Villa 302.8 m2
Near TV News 24
For Sale 180000 Euro
Villa 300 m2
Villa in a complex of villas on the outskirts of Tirana
For Sale 380000 Euro
Apartment 122 m2
Qemal Stafa Street
For Sale 116000 Euro
Office 230 m2
Office near the Square Karl Topia
For Rent Monthly 1200 Euro
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