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Object Type
Area m2
Office 258 m2
Office located in the former Block Area
For Sale 645000 Euro
Villa 376 m2
The villas are located in Mullet
For Sale 450000 Euro
Apartment 147 m2
Near the Willson Square, former Block area
For Sale 210000 Euro
Shop 54 m2
Bajram Curri Boulevard, ETC Shopping Center
For Rent Monthly 600 Euro
Apartment 82 m2
New building near Dinamo Sports Complex
For Sale 95000 Euro
Villa 300 m2
Villa in a complex of villas on the outskirts of Tirana
For Rent Monthly 2200 Euro
Bedsit 47 m2
Apartment in Kavaja Street
For Sale 37000 Euro
Apartment 92 m2
Apartment in the center very close to National Museum
For Sale 83000 Euro
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