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Object Type
Area m2
Villa 149.8 m2
New residential complex in the Adriatic Coast, Lalzi Bay
For Sale 203000 Euro
Villa 391.8 m2
House in a residential compound close to Shopping Center TEG
For Sale 575000 Euro
Apartment 272 m2
Medar Shtylla Street
For Sale 200000 Euro
Warehouse 2965 m2
The warehouse is positioned at the beginning of the Highway Tirana-Durres.
For Sale 2250000 Euro
Apartment 225 m2
Apartment in Boulevard Gjergj Fishta
For Sale 560000 Euro
Industrial Land 2700 m2
Tirana-Durres Highway, near the Citroen Albania, 6 Km from the center of Tirana
For Sale 270000 Euro
Apartment 131 m2
Margarita Tutulani Street
For Sale 200000 Euro
Apartment 124 m2
Peti Street. Near the artificial lake of Tirana
For Sale 115000 Euro
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