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Object Type
Area m2
Villa 493 m2
Acacia Hills Residential complex, near Elbasani Street, in Sauk
For Sale 320000 Euro
Apartment 82 m2
New building near Dinamo Sports Complex
For Sale 95000 Euro
Shop 100 m2
Existing building in front of Petro Nini Luarasi High school
For Sale 410000 Euro
Apartment 122 m2
Qemal Stafa Street
For Sale 116000 Euro
Apartment 138 m2
New building near the Ministry of Health
For Sale 129500 Euro
Shop m2
The beginning of Tirana-Durres Highway
For Rent 2 Euro m2
Bar-Restaurant 220 m2
Bar-Restaurant in Durres
For Sale 470000 Euro
Villa 400 m2
New villa located in the area of Sauk, close to the Lake of Tirana
For Sale 270000 Euro
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