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Object Type
Area m2
Apartment 107 m2
Former Block area
For Sale 200000 Euro
Industrial Land 6800 m2
The land is located near the Rinas Overpass, in Tirana-Durres Highway.
For Sale 299000 Euro
Apartment 150 m2
Kavaja Street
For Sale 210000 Euro
Villa 219 m2
Villa located in the residential compound located in Farka district
For Rent Monthly 3000 Euro
Apartment 66.37 m2
Lalzi Bay, residential complex
For Sale 56000 Euro
Apartment 111 m2
Don Bosko Road
For Sale 90000 Euro
Apartment 112 m2
Close to the center of Tirana
For Sale 112000 Euro
Apartment 157 m2
Apartment in Blloku Area
For Sale 251000 Euro
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